Community Bark looks for team members who are passionate about providing the finest dog (and people) care and want to work in a clean, fast-paced, professional environment. Our philosophy is simple: happy employees means happy customers, and we’re focused on creating an environment that makes Community Bark a great place to work!

While there are no positions currently available, the following positions are often available both for full-time and part-time team members, and you can feel free to apply below at your convenience.:

Dog Bather/Receptionist

  • Supports self service customers with hands-on help and value added services. Provides full service baths.
  • Keeps the Barker Lounge and Dog Wash sparkling clean
  • Animal experience a plus, great customer service a must!

Professional Groomer

  • Full service grooming as well as bathing support
  • Five years professional grooming experience desired